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The Count – A Paranormal Dog.

published on February 15th, 2013

My name is Count Dracula, I am over six hundred years old and some days I feel the years in my bones. Bones mmmm


I should have asked for the rhino femur the gypsy tricked me next time, next time I will insist.

Anyways where was I? I was telling you about myself! I am of mixed blood my father was a Lhasa Apso (the lion dog of Tibet) and my mother was well, it isn’t quite clear what breed she was, according to Ornella the tricky gypsy. All I know is she was of a very rare breed gray with short hair.

“She was a mutt. Are you talking to one of your fans again?”

“I am and my mother was NOT a mutt. I really don’t know why that gypsy always has to butt into my conversations, she’s upstairs cleaning her travel trunks she should concentrate on what she’s doing, those things are a mess. 溺y mother was a descendent of a Komondor.

“Well that could be, so you had a mop for a mother?” The gypsy cackled, she can be so annoying sometimes when she thinks she’s funny.

“I will have you know The Komondors are a very powerful breed of guardian dogs. Tricky gypsy doesn’t know what’s she’s talking about half the time.

“Who look like mops.

That’s it, I知 ignoring her you can too there is no sense talking to her right now.

Okay so where was I? I keep getting thrown off track! Ornella isn’t my only problem today I have this zombie man that just walked in 10 minutes ago and sat down. He isn’t saying anything doesn’t seem to catch on that he’s dead no matter what I tell him he just SITS here. Let me see if poking him gets him going…

“You池e dead! Go visit the neighbors, they like dead people. Woah he’s moving now, a bit robotic but moving! There he goes through the living room wall the neighbor’s wife can see spirits so I usually send them over there. Glad to be rid of that distraction. Ornella, that tricky gypsy, she give me the power to hypnotize but only on the recently deceased I guess she doesn’t want to risk I will use it on her. I would too, wouldn’t be able to resist it.
Grrrr she is running around upstairs from one room to another now I can hear her! There must another descendant of the tribe surfacing. I hope where ever we are going this time it’s somewhere nice Paris or London, we haven’t been there in a while. Here she comes down the stairs, cross your fingers for me…

“We leave after I see child. She says and just leaves. This must be an important one; I have to go check out the map. See, on her bedroom wall is the tribal map for the Women of Janos it’s covered in all kinds of dots orange, pink, yellow. These dots represent the female descendents of the Women of Janos a magical gypsy tribe that has existed for hundreds of years.

I have been with the gypsy since 8 years before she became immortal since she was chosen as the tribe’s guardian, for the Women of Janos. That incredible moment happened on the night of July 18, 1456 not long after the Hungarians managed to fight off the Turks. I knew gypsies had magic before that but I never imagined one could be as powerful as my Ornella. After she became guardian, she in turn gave me immortality because I am very important to her. She can’t live without me I am her right AND left hand! She should treat me better or at least give me more GOOD bones that’s not asking too much is it?

Don’t tell her I am going in her room okay? She gets kind of snippy about that sometimes I just have to see where we are going.
The Caribbean?!?!?!?!? No, no, no, heat, muggy heat NO. The new dot is right on some island called Maurray right smack in the Caribbean. Why can’t these girls surface somewhere nice? I have to stop her-bah, I won’t be able to. What to do, what to do…
I should try to get something out of it at least though right? I know! I will have to find her travel map for my plan to work. Where is that damn thing?
There it is on top of she had been packing just before she left. I will just hide this map and wait don’t tell on me okay? l have to allow me to take my wild buffalo femur after all I don’t care that she says it’s not allowed, I get my femur or she won’t get her map back!

Oh no, I just heard the door slam! That tricky gypsy must be back I have to hide! I have to find somewhere, somewhere ooo the La Cavalera de La Catrina! Let me just get under the skirt nothing creepier a skeleton wearing a long gown, but it sure does seem like a good place to hide. I have her map and I will just tuck it back here with me and my favorite bone. She値l be willing to negotiate when she gets up here and I will win this time I WILL win. Six hundred years of existence has got to give me some advantage don’t you think?

Shhhh here she comes.

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