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Test Article for Comments Testing

published on January 17th, 2013

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Praesent vehicula lobortis libero, a tincidunt nibh rhoncus in. Nullam lacinia, arcu in fringilla elementum, quam augue viverra erat, sit amet lacinia augue metus ac justo. In convallis dui vel dui adipiscing id tincidunt dui pellentesque. Praesent eget magna mi. Aliquam erat volutpat. Aliquam elementum aliquam interdum. Vestibulum pulvinar eros pretium orci semper ut vehicula erat fermentum. Nunc fermentum commodo cursus. Vivamus dolor orci, porttitor id feugiat eu, rutrum vitae arcu. Ut quis lectus in nulla porta sagittis. Aliquam ullamcorper elementum nisl at commodo.

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  1. UlceliBer says:

    I sympathise with you.

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  3. bwzowcce says:

    Significantly more than 1,000 delegates in the world of cotton joined us in Hong Kong final week at its most significant ever trade occasion – Hong Kong 2012. Hosted by the outgoing International Cotton Association Ltd (ICA) President, Antonio Esteve, the two day occasion took spot on 1 & 2 November in the magnificent Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. It attracted sponsorship from 38 firms and saw 11 international speakers take to the stage – including Olams Sunny Verghese.There was also plenty of opportunity for delegates to network and do business with two networking lunches, a cocktail reception and a closing banquet.The Honourable CY Leung, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, was in attendance to deliver the opening address at the events closing banquet, during which the official handover of the ICA presidential medal was passed from Antonio Esteve to Ahmed Elbosaty, who now takes up his year in office.Speaking at the closing banquet Antonio said: “It has been an honour and a privilege to serve the ICA and I want to thank the membership for the confidence bestowed on me. It has been a very challenging year with the wild swings in prices and a record number of arbitrations – nearly 500 over the past two years, involving over 400 thousand tons and 350 million dollars in market differences . Over this time I estimate 20 million tons were traded with approximate market differences of 17 billion dollars. The good news is that over 95 per cent of these trades were performed. Without the ICA it could have been a lot worse. “Antonios speech also included a message to defaulters: “It is shameful, if not disgusting, that some people insist on defrauding the system. Those that insist on circumventing the default list should not be sitting in this audience, you dont belong here and should not be a member of the ICA. Trading with defaulters is not a competitive advantage. It is neither an honourable nor a smart business strategy. “Our goal is to promote responsible contracting and increasingly produce a safer trading environment: ICA members selling to ICA members through ICA members, all firmly committed to honouring contract sanctity. The theme of this conference is “Growing Together” for a reason: we need to make this happen together. I will repeat what I have said since the outset of my term as President of the ICA, united we stand, divided we fall. “Next years occasion will take spot in Liverpool, UK on 24 & 25 October 2013.

  4. qucooaxb says:

    Just ten years ago, foreign retail giants in the domestic marketplace with low-rent instantly shed ground. But now, this trump card enables them awake at evening. Can 31, one of the 3 biggest British retailer Tesco shop in Shanghai for the very first time off. Not only that, within the Changning International Gymnastics Center retailers also transferred through the year will end operations. In actual fact, the Chinese traditional retail sky has clouded. April, ranking 1st on the planet top rated 500 U.S. retail giant Wal-Mart has closed the Shanghai Minhang Branch, Shenzhen, Wuxi Hongxing Road and Yuanling shop. Over the past three years, the worlds second largest international retail agencies in the nation no less than the French Carrefour closed six stores. Similar circumstances have magic supermarkets, Jinsong Yokado and so on. Not simply will be the hypermarkets, the initial to enter Beijing Guomao district in Starbucks also recently ceased to move? Address. Higher rents undoubtedly retreated these hypermarkets online business in China culprit. From Savills report shows that considering that 2010, Beijing retail rents continued to show a increasing trend. As on the finish of 2012, Beijing prime retail marketplace (mostly refers to the high-end buying mall floor) average rent has reached 864.9 yuan / square meter / month, or nearly 29 yuan / square meter / day, the rent level previously six years annual average enhance of 7%. Certainly, the subsequent three to five years, with all the leases have expired, plus the downturn in consumption along with a variety of charges, leaving the core company district of organizations will more and more. In other words, high-rent retail area are going to be to break the inherent pattern on the fuse. Split district using the speedy rise in industrial rents maturity and commercial district on the functional development isn’t full closely related. Particularly just after a element higher effect around the rent. The truth is, only a smaller variety of domestic enterprises will operate on their own house, although the vast majority of firms have taken property assets leased actual estate developers. This also led to an escalating number of domestic retailers complain that increasing commercial rents and enhanced income deduction permitted by the developers away. In comparison with the Japanese marketplace, one of the most widespread may be the key industrial complex joint improvement and commercial projects. Shanghai Institute of Circulation Economy Wang Liang for the “Global Entrepreneur”, stated: “In the present lack of supporting enterprise functions created within the case, it truly is hassle-free to fall into rent economic development model, the commercial balance will continue to become broken.” He believes that this situation inside the first-tier cities outstanding functionality, building the economy, along with the mixture of alienated land finance organization ecosystem, don’t have sustainable? resistance. Nevertheless, the sharp rise in industrial rents will be placed under a worldwide perspective it really is a standard phenomenon. Cushman & Wakefield in 2012 “issued by the worlds major industrial street report” that the worlds leading retail marketplace development from 2012 has been active, in particular in Asia and the Americas outstanding performance led the upward trend in rents. Report on 62 countries, 326 top rated business enterprise district conducted a survey among 147 regions experienced rising rents, only 49 (15%) regions rents decline. Contrast 2011, rents fell neighborhoods proportion accounted for 19%. Can be corroborated that same year, Hong Kongs Causeway Bay district rents rose by 34.9%, reaching $ 2,630 / square foot, significantly more than New Yorks Fifth Avenue to become the worlds most expensive retail street? Area. Affected than the supermarkets and large department shops such regular commercial activities. Fuzhou sky Hypermarket Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Chong told the “Global Entrepreneur”: “Fuzhou industrial rents are rapidly rising cycle.” From last year to now, the location of Chens supermarket rent rises in 20-50% non- etc., but profit margins are only 1-2%, occasionally there will likely be 2-3% profit margin. From the industry fundamentals, the current form in the hypermarket small business in general are in a low-profit status, only 2% of your average gross margin, coupled with increasing labor charges, resulting in such enterprises within the high-rent district within the living space significantly more little. This also enables a quantity of retail enterprises to adopt a relatively conservative conservative strategy. Beijing early spring in February Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. is actually a high-end catering organization oriented, it truly is usually located inside the bustling storefront office and business districts. Its chairman Fuming Wen from the “Global Entrepreneur” complained: “ridiculously higher rents now, we have more than a year did not open new shops.” Typically, they take the reverse calculation, for example consider the material, labor fees, and then rent plus the conclusion that exposure to price the bottom line. “Some places rent is too high, no need to take risks.” Pay, mentioned Beijings industrial rents because last year rose by 50%, but there is indeed no market price phenomenon. This phenomenon artificially higher rents in a second-tier cities are even more or less exist, and contrast some of Hong Kongs bustling business district and other places, even then there are going to be a high market place rents. But some modest organization enterprises formats era remain profitable inside the higher rents. Such as stores, boutiques, old, etc., these formats enjoying strong popularity mature district, generally higher gross margin level, the competitiveness is far higher than supermarkets, large department stores and other formats. Variables that these smaller industrial activities may possibly encounter “popularity” lax. Early district mainly depends around the maturity of supermarkets and other large formats are amassed super popular, usually compact format is going to be attached to large format around. If the latter have migrated, the former predicament will become less optimistic. Wang Liang, large format after the transfer of your online business district outlook is just not promising. He believes that the establishment of a mature organization district requires long-term training, even within the future once the damage is difficult to recover the rent down. “Small format can maintain short-term, but the original home business ecosystem destroyed right after the reduction will not let them popular there too long.” E-commerce is likely to become the biggest winner. Chen Chong mentioned that rents below pressure, and his hand has improved supermarket standardized, information-oriented operation, try to drive down labor fees. Around the other hand, e-commerce has also begun to consider. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Center, General Information jiangqiping already asserted, the net purchase once accounted for 5% of total retail sales, it will cross the critical point, showing the potential outbreak, and started to generate a worldwide influence. 2013 shall be the starting point for changing the pattern of Chinas retail industry. A new district is oncoming. Guangdong University Economic Research Institute Xianqing circulation in the “Global Entrepreneur” mentioned that the existing rise in domestic industrial and home business district in the rent change is with all the urbanization process of conversion of old and new synchronization phenomenon, together with the old town The rise with the decline and the Metro, must be accompanied by the transfer of district. But this may perhaps be an optimistic estimate. Just after all, the only suburban residential areas, shopping district suburbanization is unlikely, not to mention the future will face lifting and rent district transfer. Wang Liang believes, according to foreign experience, only industrial enterprises operating on their very own home in order to obtain long-term healthy hair? Show. Perhaps the time has yet to conclude, but does need to keep in mind the standard retailing: Please fasten your seat belt, 2013 is going to be a bumpy year. Author

  5. moskxzpc says:

    JAIN fiber (on behalf of Xu Xiao Shi, participated in the 4 to 6 September held at COEX in Seoul, “Korea Textile Trade Shows (Preview in SEOUL 2013)”, and demonstrated the production of jackets and coats types of fabrics. JAIN fiber is a specially developed fabric jackets and coats made on the enterprise, now give in Europe, China, Russia, South Korea, several well-known brands within the world of commodities. As Koreas initially system of Mao, LG Fashion handful of big organizations which include suppliers, also manufactured to meet buyer specifications on the various materials. Moreover, they have also demonstrated the same using the metal fabric with all-natural folds on the Shape-memory technologies and also the use of high-quality printing jacquard fabrics. Author

  6. prptiyzx says:

    Not too long ago, Japans Ito-Yokado plans to open a variety of inland China Mall (SC) to attract consumers. In line with the strategy, in 2014 the first 1 opened in spring 2016, will likely be opened in Chengdu, Sichuan 4, 2017, just after will continue in other cities like Chongqing opened. Yokado in Chengdu has five, has eight in Beijing supermarkets, purchasing centers, but opened the very first time. Will be the initial purchasing center has opened supermarkets and set the leasing 150 tenants. Which includes supermarkets, such as the planned 2014 opening on the 1st two following the purchasing center construction region will reach 190,000 square meters, the equivalent of Japans buying center three to four occasions, as Ito-Yokados biggest shopping mall. Japanese retail enterprises in Chinas buying center organization, the Japanese Aeon Group plans to start from subsequent year to coastal cities as the center opened alot more than 10 buying centers, plus the center in Chengdu started to expand the shop in the inland regions.

  7. yqhkodsl says:

    In this summer weekend, Beijing Orchids female social Aesthetic Culture Communication Center held a specific “antiquity this rhyme – Orchids Clothing Culture Salon”, like scorching heat inside a clear Oasis, a clump Qingxin orchids, Do this fickle city is add slightly extra sophisticated Italian and carefree mood. Speaking of Chinese women conventional garments, dressed in costumes and can be described as graceful close subtle gentle sophisticated females inside the preferred interpretation of classical beauty. Then again, regardless of whether or traditional cheongsam gown Luoqun in a hurry at present walking the beat behind the instances. The Orchids female club this salon was clever ingenuity shipped to China to showcase the feminine charm, how one can embrace modern day life, whilst providing new life to conventional costumes, so dress exudes classic flavor of the occasions. Orchids females in social activities on-site salon, Chinese and Western elegance in: Ancient lamp shade shine with candlelight, paper umbrellas and Fan antiquity abundant, guqin masters live efficiency of “water” songs, Amberpack haunted Ruoyouruowu Tan incense, listening towards the gurgling sounds, refreshing subtle fragrance is faint, many people neglect the hustle and bustle on the city one particular oclock sound, spiritual moment to calm down. Dozens of ladies dressed in sophisticated orchids antiquity this rhyme standard costumes, displaying the elegant and refined poetry and painting, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, incense, stonewalls talent abilities, with an elegant interpretation in the spaccio woolrich regular culture, way of life beauty of antiquity so romantic blend of classical elegance and modern into a flowing image. Sharons media guests attended, foreign pals in their hand a description of the model below the guidance of blue lanterns, followed by enjoying the East Fang Shuyuan talent show, cultural experience with conventional elegance female femininity and modern style the perfect combination of top quality of life, this is a Chinese cultural traditions to create a bold new concept, it is actually a traditional and contemporary romantic and lovely encounter.

  8. zbiujsaxm says:

    > Now that Valentines Day, believe how good quality however? 19 years of a Valentine met Lantern, you happen to be together with the family or with you that TA? No matter how had this romantic Valentines Day, Five PLUS style feedback, have manners both hands. What are you waiting for, go see it! two.7-2.18 period, 5 PLUS exactly where Trendy International Group VIP at a specified time following the official micro-channel platform successfully authenticated, that have the chance to obtain e-voucher, together with the voucher to redeem designated shops totally free limited edition scarves Art Hand Strap (worth 199 yuan) a concern Five PLUS now the official micro-channel (Micro Signal: fiveplus5)!!, reply “2″ to obtain event particulars romantic Valentines Day Five PLUS style feedback Source: Chinese Females Editor: Juan Island

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