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Oriental Wisdom

published on January 23rd, 2013

I thought the Japanese were a culture that respected and valued their elders. Who saw them as the wisdom needed to guide them in the future. That was my impression until I read an article this morning where the ex-prime minister, Taro Aso, declared that the government should not spend money on medical care for the old. I guess an option would be to throw them off a cliff, or ask them to jump in the name of their country, following in the tradition of the Kamikazi pilots. An honorable death in the name of their country! Taro tried to fix his foot-in-mouth statement by saying he would not accept the government’s aid when he got old and sick. Of course not, he’s rich! And all that admiration I had for the oriental culture crumbles when people like Taro Ass make these types of statements. I won’t even get started on the Chinese!!

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