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Great Review for Souls of Darkness!!

published on March 1st, 2013

Wonderful review from

This wasn’t the type of book I normally read. But I loved it. Souls of Darkness by Eleanor T. Beaty was a great read.

Alex and his mother take a “vacation” to an island they believe Alex’s father visited at some point in the distant past. They’re hoping, or at least Alex’s mother is hoping, to kind of refresh and recharge batteries, if you will. Alex is just hoping the island has a night life full of fun. He doesn’t know he could not be further from the truth. The island is the complete and polar opposite of anything he knows. There are no tourists. The island itself seems to be stuck in some earlier part of the century. And poor Alex finds that to explore the island or get anywhere period, he is going to have to rent a bicycle that was probably made some time in the 1960’s.

But there is one bright spot. Taiya works on the island and lives just down the street from where Alex and his mother, Charlotte, are staying. She’s full of spunk and she’s feisty and Alex is smitten with her from the start. Luckily for him, the feeling is mutual. She becomes his tour guide and with the help of her father, Michael, Alex learns the history of the island. It’s a history that changes his mind about things like spirits and the afterlife. A history that frightens him and every other person living on that island.

I liked Alex. It’s not often I read a story like this. He’s a teenage guy but without the arrogance and cockiness that I see in a lot of other novels. He’s normal. And he’s a genuinely good guy. He cares about his mother and despite the fact that he’s been on that island all of 5 minutes before he’s thrown in to the middle of this… battle… he cares about IT too. Even though it scares him.

Taiya is a sweet character. She’s smart and she’s quick to jump in to the action and help wherever she thinks she can. I pictured her as kind of looking like Q’orianka Kilcher. She and Alex grew quickly together and she was a fantastic heroine.

There were a lot of likeable characters in Souls of Darkness. Nehn, the little boy who jumps around like a Kangaroo. Butler, even though he seems cowardly to others, he proves himself extremely brave. Hanu, the helpful healer Alex and Taiya work with to try and rid the island of Rangur, the malevolent spirit who just won’t leave it and its inhabitants alone. And Gabe, the ever watchful Australian “babysitter”. If there’s trouble he jumps in to save the day.

Once I’d gotten through the first few pages and understood what was going on, this book just seemed to speed right by. I was finished with it before I realized it. It was exciting and full of twists and turns and thrills and setbacks galore. I found myself giving in to the history and the lore of the island, wishing I, too, could be like Alex and Taiya. Or even Hanu. There were definitely some surprises thrown in throughout the story. Some that seemed to come just in the knick of time and some that just made me sad.

I would recommend this book to everyone, but especially those interested in spirits and paranormal things. It’s a book that can span many age groups so I might recommend this for anyone ages 16 and up. It may be a bit complicated for young readers. I know I loved it, and it’s a definite must read!

The Inspiration of a Character

published on February 27th, 2013

Fallen Ruler – Sci-fi/ Mystical

Andrea, the character vs. the inspiration.

By Eleanor T Beaty


I based Andrea, Lya’s older sister, on a childhood friend. I did exaggerate a bit of her meanness but not too much. Her role, as a secondary character, was meant to contrast Lya’s kindness. I intended Andrea to be extremely dislikable, but many readers have reacted warmly towards her. Concerned even. An unexpected reaction, but a welcome one. This childhood friend of mine was a year older than me, and I was fascinated by her. For the sake of this blog, I will call her Mary.


Mary was my alter ego. I was shy, she wasn’t. I never lied, she always did and so on… that should be enough to get an idea of how opposite we were. Even physically. I was tall and thin, she was short and curvy. What we did have in common was; complicated parents of foreign origin, the same school and the tendency to get into trouble. We were drawn to each and did practically everything together through our early teens.


However, we did have a few falling-outs. I was somewhat short tempered and Mary was a provoker. Once, when we were at summer school together, we fought and went from best friends to worst enemies. I had a roommate I didn’t like much and Mary knew it. She decided to befriend the so-called roommate to annoy me and would come around to provoke.


It didn’t take much to make me lose it. My roommate and I had split the room in half with tape and I stated Mary could never step on my half. Until that day I had never released my wrath on Mary. She had no reason to think I would. Mary walked in, saw the tape and put her foot on my side. I warned her to remove it. She didn’t. I pounced on her and scratched her from head to toe. She ran out, straight to the infirmary where she was given a tetanus shot. Maybe she didn’t explain that the nails that scratched her were FINGERNAILS. Seriously, who gets a tetanus shot because of fingernails?


Well there went my reputation for the rest of the summer. Mary never challenged me again, physically, but when she could, she would put me down verbally, or go for the guy I had a crush on. Even so I couldn’t help but like her. She was funny and creative, had a great sense of style and got whatever she wanted. Unfortunately, when a teen we don’t see the down side to having our every whim fulfilled. What Mary didn’t have was a family that cared.


I didn’t have much of one either, but somehow it was more than she had. My parents imposed more rules, I didn’t get almost anything I wanted-even though my family was also well-off, and I got shipped off to boarding school for three years. Summer camps filled in the gaps between school terms. Mary went to a boarding school for one year and was allowed back. But not me. I could beg until I was green, my parents didn’t care. I only managed to come home in ninth grade after getting kicked out so many times, my parents ran out of options.


During my years in boarding school, Mary started drinking, not on the weekend or at parties, like the rest of us, but during school. She would take orange juice and vodka with her everyday. By 15 she was an alcoholic. Then going out with Mary to a party became a not-so-fun adventure. Most of the time the night would end with either my sibling or I carrying an almost unconscious Mary back to our house.


In Fallen Ruler, the scene on the stairs where Lya has to get Andrea up to her room was based on Mary. Every time Mary would argue with me all the way up, saying she could do it alone, until one day I got tired of being mistreated and let go. She tumbled down the stairs. I went back down and asked her if she was ready to try again. That was the last time she berated me. In my bedroom I put her down on the mattress, took off her clothes and covered her. She asked me to untie a bead necklace. For the love of God, there was no way I could undo the knot, and she insisted I get it off. I did, with scissors. When she woke up the next morning she saw all the purple marks on her body and her bead necklace strewn across the floor. I told her I had no idea how any of that had happened. If she wasn’t go to remember, why should I, right?


We slowly grew apart as her drinking got worse. So many people tried to help her get off that path of self-destruction but she didn’t want to change. By the age of twenty, she had such a bad reputation no one would take her seriously, nor give her a chance, or even want to be with her.  It made me angry and sad at the same time that a person with so much potential would choose to be a drunk. And even though I know alcoholism is a disease, she had so many opportunities, the friends, and money to get the treatment and help she needed, but she chose not to. Mary died in her early fifties, leaving only the memory of a sorry drunk as her legacy. Andrea is a tribute to Mary, and a reminder that children require and need guidance, not things. Not luxury, not freedom but rules, well defined rules, to be able to cope with life.

Fallen Ruler Event

published on February 17th, 2013

Oriental Wisdom

published on January 23rd, 2013

I thought the Japanese were a culture that respected and valued their elders. Who saw them as the wisdom needed to guide them in the future. That was my impression until I read an article this morning where the ex-prime minister, Taro Aso, declared that the government should not spend money on medical care for the old. I guess an option would be to throw them off a cliff, or ask them to jump in the name of their country, following in the tradition of the Kamikazi pilots. An honorable death in the name of their country! Taro tried to fix his foot-in-mouth statement by saying he would not accept the government’s aid when he got old and sick. Of course not, he’s rich! And all that admiration I had for the oriental culture crumbles when people like Taro Ass make these types of statements. I won’t even get started on the Chinese!!

Test Article for Comments Testing

published on January 17th, 2013

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Names – How to pick them.

published on January 8th, 2013

A Guest Post : Names – How to pick them.

Picking names for characters can be fun. I don’t have a specific method and when I wrote my first novel, which took place on another planet, I invented most of the names by playing around with sounds. I had rows and rows of post-its on my walls with possible names to be used. Just letters thrown together, some sounded exotic or nice, others mean and some simply didn’t work.
The funny thing is that some of the names I thought I invented actually existed in languages I had never heard. And sometimes, they popped up in the future. One of the main characters from my first novel was called Niva. A few years after the book was published there was a Russian car called Niva. Unfortunately, the car was of terrible quality. Nyx, the name I gave the main character, is now the name of a video game. Continue reading…

5 Star review from U.P. Book Blogger

published on January 7th, 2013

 5-STARS *****

This book was a blast and I’m glad to have had the chance to read it. The characters were well thought out and likable- the book well written- funny and had a unique plot line. This is a book I would recommend to my friends who love paranormal, or may be the ones with some bratty kids: lol jk :) A good lesson to be found from reading this book- love the message. This was a kindle button presser for me and a joy to read makes a great addition to my kindle books.

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Review and interview from Identity Discovery.

published on January 7th, 2013

Review: This is a very different book from the long list of books I have read. I have never read any stories about gypsies, but the paranormal and magical element of this caught my attention. I am glad that I read it too! Hannah is a spoiled rich brat living on the island of Maurray. She comes from a weird family situation. She was told her mother died upon her birth, which resulted in her being given to her father to be raised. Her family has married another woman and they have a son named John. Since they are rich, there is also a maid/cook by the name of Vani in the house. Her grandparents (father’s parents) are both very much involved in the family and also live on the island. What is so weird about the family is that her parents seem to be like good friends and never appear to be in love. Actually they seem miserable with each other as far as love is concerned, but for some reason will not even consider a divorce. Both are pretty much absent from their children’s lives leaving the real raising to be done by the grandparents.

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Review from Lisa”s Book Lair

published on January 4th, 2013
Veiled Mist is a fun, quirky YA paranormal adventure. Ms. Beaty is an Indie author I plan to follow. I look forward to her next book. Veiled Mist is suitable for both Adults and Young Adults. It is a fun adventure into the magical world of gypsies. The heroine finds out a few days before her birthday that she is not the daughter of a princess. Worse is the discovery that her mother was a gypsy, which will ruin Hanna’s reputation at the exclusive private school she attends. This is a secret that cannot stay hidden. If her magical heritage is not embraced by her birthday she will die. Her grandmother has convinced her that being a gypsy is a fate worse than death. The characters are entertaining, especially the dog Count. The story is a fun read as Hanna learns a bit about how the ‘other half lives’, the meaning of love, and how to be a more caring person. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.
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A great end of year review

published on December 31st, 2012

A great end of year review by DanaSquare

My Review~
First I must say how lovely this cover is! It is dark and beautiful and I love the mix of colors used it is really perfect.Veiled Mist is like nothing I have ever read before. I enjoyed the fact that the story was set in an unexpected place I like getting to discover new places through reading. I love books that involve magic and I don’t think I have read one yet quite like this and that really excited me! Veiled Mist is original and creative and you will love reading it!

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